Sarah Braden is an international visual artist and marketer living in Madison. This is where you can find out more about her artistic process, professional qualifications, and where to buy her work!

Sarah pictured at her booth in December 2018, Conception Arts Show in Chicago.

A sampling of available paintings by Sarah Braden

A sampling of available paintings by Sarah Braden

Artist Statement

An evolution of the abstract

I have always loved to experiment with different mediums. Since the beginning of 2017 I have been combining mediums. Trying new methods with thin layers of watercolor, acrylic, and water based materials. As I mix paint on the canvas, what starts out as simple fields of color, becomes a more complex composition highlighting the chemical reactions and effects from the paints. The work is beautiful for decor, I find meaning in the processes of these arts visualizing and finessing the craft with each practice. Through each practice emerges a themes of fluid aerial perspective landscapes, of fantasy lands, of planets and space. These painted gems are therapeutic. I will always keep up with the practice of painting because it makes me feel alive, hopeful, and gratitude through reflection. In more of my work I decided to start new forms although the wet on wet paintings techniques are still used in a lot of my new and current works.

Now when I begin a painting I start by creating a quiet and well lit atmosphere in preparation for the work. I begin with the most basic element, the palette. In my abstract work I am working with fewer aesthetic elements, every movement and drip matters so I deliver with intention and vision. I often go into a composition spontaneously the first drips and broad strokes applied with speed. I fall into a creative state while painting, becoming hyper focus on the process. Over time and layers of paint a subject comes into focus in the composition. This creative process is a time to reflect on the complex emotions of life within a safe quiet space.

These paintings are often the starting point for the layered analog collages. the paintings providing a basis for composition & direction.

My collages explore feminine themes, cosmetics as sacred objects, female empowerment, sexuality, glass ceilings, addiction, friendship, modern inclusive feminism, fashion as junk, and busy-ness. Linking many pieces together in a series through use of female relics such as erect uncapped lipsticks, high heels, jewelry with precious stones, and time pieces.

Artist CV | Resume

Sarah Braden- Visual Artist & Designer


Graduated with BFA from MIAD in 2007 (illustration & graphic design)

Art Events/ Shows since 2015 (chronological)

  • Gold Star Bar Chicago Fall 2015

  • Lightbox Lofts Launch Party- Oct 2016

  • Art Basel 2016 December Miami

  • Cooking with Yams Holiday Art Market 12-21.

  • Ancien Cycles Cafe- 1-13-17 Showcasing Floral Series

  • Life Force Arts Center Gallery 1-27-17 “the senses series”

  • Emerging Artist Show- Morpho Gallery Feb 2017

  • Filter Cafe- Curation of space with multiple artists April 2017-June 2017

  • Cup and Spoon Cafe- solo show Sept/Oct 2017

  • Canyon Jam- Fort Collins Colorado two day live painting event Sept 2017

  • Blnk Haus Gallery in Zhou B Center- 2 events in Nov & Dec 2017

  • Conception Artist Pop Up event- Feb 2018 & Dec 2018

  • Bite Cafe- Annual Women’s Show March 2018 & March 2019

  • Bite Cafe- Solo show April 2018

  • Village Tap Tavern- solo show April/May 2018

  • Morpho Gallery Curated show- Expressionist Treasure May 2018

  • Echoes of Chicago- 2 shows Jan 2019 & March 2019

  • Arts Avenue NYC- Resolutions show Feb 2019

  • Zhou B Art Center- Studio 305 group abstract show Feb 2019

  • Gold Star Bar Women’s Show March 2019

Freelance Design, SMM, & Photography Clients:

Collage Mural for private client 2019 (8x20ft wall)

Painted Mural for private client 2019 (9ftx10ft wall)

Tequila logo and branding (nda) Miami 2018

BrainFood Barcelona- cannabis branding in Spain 2018

Papercut Extracts- marketing consulting UK 2018

Trilogy Builds- SSM Breckenridge Colorado 2017

Theory Cuisine- start up/ current project food photography

Hyde Park Group Feb 2016- 2017 food photography, design, & social media strategy

Peterson Pictures- social media in 2016

LightBox Lofts- Fall 2016 Producer/ general service coordinator

Pepper Palace- Social Media Marketing & photography 2014-2016