Prince of Lies - Original Braden Fine Art

Prince of Lies - Original

Braden Fine Art
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A place infected with lies rots from the inside out. Lies are parasitic, its important to find our truth before all that remains of our home is a sad stench, death in a shallow grave. In nature when a host is infected by a parasite, one of two things happen, the host kills the parasite and heals, or the host is killed by the parasite. The images depicts a cloaked skeleton man resting in twisted thrown on top of a pillar. He looks over his empire below, most of it in dark chaos, 1/3 of the land is enflamed. At his feet is a crystal ball, how he communicates to his followers. Somehow they still believe him, truth is lost on these people. It seems hopeless and bleak.

Usually my paintings are full of optimism, and color. I felt the need to express something darker, it reflects the current times of 2020.

composition is 24x24in on gallery canvas

completed April 2020