Reflect by Sarah Braden

Reflect; to think as we plan new chapters. Carefully placed geometric pieces of cut paper, tinted resin, layers of fluid acrylic, golden shimmering flecks of glitter. In memory of the falling sky we pick up the shards, reflect, and start again. I reflect on why I create as the gold catches the light and throws it across the room in a sunny disco, the reflection of the room caught within the tinted resin. I invite you to get lost trying to find the smallest detail in the depths of the simple pigment and layers of reflections.

Reflect is a 24inch square mixed media piece containing elements of collage, painting, and found objects.

Why do I create? I started a long time ago and it made me feel better. People started praising my work and I felt better.. so I kept creating. The things that bring me happiness and fulfillment are what I give my energy…

Here is a sampling of my available work. If you are interested in any of my available work or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss a commission please email me I’d love to hear from you.

New York City by Sarah Braden

The art world is a pretty wild place, in the way that everything is connected. It seems everyone knows each other. My first experience with the NYC art scene was in 2018, with a goal in mind for several years: to show work in Manhattan or Brooklyn. In January 2018 I was following up with all the galleries I spoke with during art basel Miami in December 2017, forming connections. After a few bits of correspondence I managed to get an appointment for a portfolio overview with a gallerist in NYC. Now, exactly one year later I find myself accepted into a group show in Chelsea.

The art organization, @artsavenuenyc is a private event space that functions as a speak easy. The intimate show “Resolutions” had a great turn out, I wish there was more time to chat with people and mingle. The two paintings I contributed to the show were, Intuition, and Rainbow Delta. I painted these paintings close to a year apart. The Delta piece was created after a long creative hiatus, and intuition was painted after a time of reckless travel. Below are the pieces I had on display along with some New York sunroof photos from the week long adventure.

Return to Collage by Sarah Braden

The abstract paintings I created and sold like wild fire in 2017 were starting to feel like production rather than creativity and expression. I love creating the paintings but I knew I needed to change my art and evolve to avoid burning out completely. These feelings along with the changing trends in art making, have both been contributing factors to the recent push back into collage. The viral popularity of fluid pour painting has changed my methods and pushed me to try new things as an artist, but it has also changed how viewers see my work. At shows I have had very good natured well intended people disregard my work as pour painting, without even realizing how insulting that is. People in the art world don’t even see those methods as “fine art”, I have heard from gallerists that using resin to seal paintings is kitschy. Interesting since the public is so incredibly drawn to it. Its shiny!

I created collages all through collage, as I struggled to find voice within the illustration and graphic design field. It makes sense that these methods have come back into my art practice now that I have evolved as a freelance fine artist. Always, my collages are seen as narratives of female empowerment in all environments. I have done pieces for fashion mood boards that focus on professionalism, style and hygiene in the workplace as a marketer in the past, however this new body of work is a different message and theme. I have created pieces specifically embedded with sexual freedom, and empowerment. The issue of sex shaming women and girls from early ages in our culture is hidden in plain sight. I experience this often, and I don’t consider myself a victim. Its something that I (and many other women) have endured on a dull volume since puberty and throughout adulthood. This year I started combining the methods i’ve used to create resin paintings and applied them to creating collages. Through the evolution of these methods, I created a series of empowered women who are actively rising above the judgments of society to become the best versions of themselves.

Statement of Intent by Sarah Braden

TWISTED ROOT , a 16x20 acrylic piece sold in 2018

TWISTED ROOT , a 16x20 acrylic piece sold in 2018


I always knew, I wanted a career as an artist.  Since I was a child creating visual art was quite natural to me. My family was supportive, they encouraged me to pursue commercial art to have a stable career. After graduating from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2007 with my BFA in Illustration, I worked as a freelance graphic designer and marketing consultant by contract and at the corporate level. I started my first LLC for my graphic design at 24 at that time. I assumed I could paint and pursue fine art after my marketing career. I imagined owning a gallery and selling things from my own collection along the side of other local artists. I pictured running private classes out of that storefront space, and charity auctions. Years later in 2016, I had an important realization: the time is now. Why not pursue something that makes me happy. When I realized I could use my marketing skills for my art, I started pursuing my craft more directly in late 2016. Specifically by producing collections for sales, creating custom commissioned work, curating shows for cafes and galleries. I also have had the great opportunity to participate in many live painting events at different markets, concerts, and fairs.

I always feel inspired to create art, and over the last few years I have sold hundreds of paintings. The point for me is not the sale. I love that I am able to share my work with so many people. When I arrive to deliver and install the paintings for my clients, seeing their excitement makes every struggle worthwhile. Happy clients are an extremely validating part of what I do. I feel I am able to help them see the potential in their home’s space through curation & bringing an atmosphere of calm serenity.

In my visual works I draw inspiration from the deep connection I feel with nature, and this planet. Seeing aerial views of this planet when traveling by air has had great power in my work, it has sparked a curiosity leading to research of drone photos of specific landscapes and places. It lets me understand our atmosphere and clouds more indepthly. Technology is such a beautiful thing that it lets us have free information through the connections of wires and electricity. I understand the ironic coincidence that we use our technologies to observe nature in its most precious presine states.

The link between sciences and the arts is very important, and these connections are fuel for creating and influence during my process. When starting a level surface is crucial. In many of my paintings I have experimented with fluid dynamics based on the different viscosities of paint. Applying wet paint to already wet primed canvas carefully pouring diluted paints creating the compositions. Once main shapes form I add more detail to the painting gradually checking on how the paint has moved. The shifting shapes are influenced by using small shims to gradually tilt the canvas. Spending many hours in studio is important to achieve optimal effects in this process.

In the past year I have revisited old methods, combining them with new mediums. Recently collage is the choice medium I have combined with the fluid painting techniques, and suspending the collaged pieces within cured resin. I have been diligent and consistent with the practice of painting and creating visual art since college. Through collaborations with other artists and through many studio trials I have learned and taught new techniques.