Reflect / by Sarah Braden

Reflect; to think as we plan new chapters. Carefully placed geometric pieces of cut paper, tinted resin, layers of fluid acrylic, golden shimmering flecks of glitter. In memory of the falling sky we pick up the shards, reflect, and start again. I reflect on why I create as the gold catches the light and throws it across the room in a sunny disco, the reflection of the room caught within the tinted resin. I invite you to get lost trying to find the smallest detail in the depths of the simple pigment and layers of reflections.

Reflect is a 24inch square mixed media piece containing elements of collage, painting, and found objects.

Why do I create? I started a long time ago and it made me feel better. People started praising my work and I felt better.. so I kept creating. The things that bring me happiness and fulfillment are what I give my energy…

Here is a sampling of my available work. If you are interested in any of my available work or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss a commission please email me I’d love to hear from you.